Abstract Artist

Through his life's downfalls and heartache
The Hardcore Painter learned to paint. He was never
taught in a conventional way how to create art.
The Hardcore Painter taught himself at a young age by
using the materials left over from jobs at his father's company. Over the years he learned to master his
craft and thus his unique style began to form.

The Hardcore Painter still uses household supplies to
create each and every work of art. In his workshop he
builds his canvases measured to a specific size and shape
to perfectly fit his vision. Bright glossy colors are usually
intertwined with paint splatter. Oils and acrylics are
forced to merge while wet. The epoxy is used to enhance
and protect each piece once finished. Finally, using his
carpentry skills he builds each frame. Thus creating
a one of a kind piece of art, meant to last a lifetime.