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The Hardcore Painter

Midnight In The Jungle

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Introducing "Midnight In The Jungle" - Unleash the mystique of the wild with this captivating masterpiece by The Hardcore Painter. "Midnight In The Jungle" is a harmonious blend of rich greens and deep blues, artistically entwined with dark strokes and expertly accentuated with expressive splatters, creating an immersive experience that transports you to the heart of an untamed landscape.

Crafted with a mix of acrylics and oils, the elongated brush strokes in this piece create a dynamic interplay of color and texture, evoking the lush depths of a mysterious jungle at night. The painting, measuring an impressive 48 inches by 30 inches, with a depth of 3 inches, commands attention and serves as a striking focal point in any space.

The use of epoxy not only enhances the visual depth of the artwork but also adds a protective layer, ensuring its longevity. Encased in a carefully chosen frame made of durable pine, "Midnight In The Jungle" is a visual feast that seamlessly combines nature's raw beauty with the elegance of fine art.

This exquisite piece comes with a hanging cleat and hardware, allowing for easy installation. Tax and domestic shipping are included, so you can enjoy this immersive work of art without any additional costs. Elevate your space with the allure of the untamed – "Midnight In The Jungle" invites you to explore the wilderness within the confines of your home, a testament to the limitless creativity of The Hardcore Painter.