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The Hardcore Painter


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"Storm is a captivating and awe-inspiring painting that transports you into the vast expanse of space. The artwork features a stunning storm of bright silver and blue galaxies spinning together in a mesmerizing dance, drawing you into the heart of the cosmic tempest. The use of blues, silvers, and white oils and spray paints poured into the wet black paint creates a sense of depth and motion, evoking the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos.

Crafted in 2023 with a masterful combination of acrylics and oils, Storm is a true testament to the artist's skill and vision. The large amounts of texture used in the painting add to its visual complexity and intrigue, while the glossy epoxy finish enhances its vibrancy and depth. The pine frame provides a natural and earthy contrast to the cosmic imagery, grounding the artwork and emphasizing its otherworldly qualities.

Measuring 68in x 26in x 3in, Storm is a grand and majestic artwork that will immerse you in its cosmic embrace. The painting comes with a hanging cleat and hardware for easy installation, inviting you to display it in your living space and experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos every day.

Overall, Storm is an artwork that will take your breath away with its stunning visual beauty and cosmic grandeur. Its powerful imagery and intricate details will transport you to a world beyond our own, inviting you to contemplate the mysteries and wonders of the universe. With tax and domestic shipping costs included in the price, Storm is a convenient and accessible choice for collectors of awe-inspiring and masterfully crafted art."