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The Hardcore Painter


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Transport yourself to the serene and elegant beauty of Asia with Toppled, a stunning painting that captures the essence of towering structures and flowing rivers. The intricate layers of black and grey strokes bring to mind the majestic buildings of the Orient, while the glistening gold accents evoke images of opulent decorations and ornate designs. Against the pristine white background, the painting creates a sense of fluidity and movement, as if you're looking at the tranquil flow of a river.

Completed in 2020, Toppled measures 54in x 30in x 3in and is crafted on a high-quality white wooden canvas, using a mix of oil and acrylic paints. The painting is finished with epoxy for added durability and framed with a sleek pine border. It comes with a hanging cleat and hardware for easy installation, and tax and domestic shipping are included in the price. Let Toppled transport you to the timeless beauty of Asia, and add a touch of elegance and grace to your home or office.